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GT 1500 Automatic or Manual Convenience Window

Controlled by a Universal Microprocessor, the GT System 1500 Convenience Window provides consistent and reliable window operation, day-in and day-out. The microprocessor also provides important usage counts and diagnostic features for quick trouble shooting and reduced maintenance costs. The flexibility of the GT System 1500 Convenience Window makes it ideal for specialty applications. The window helps regulate office/manufacturing settings where sound and temperature control are critical. It also provides pharmacies with controlled accessibility while allow for easy disbursement of medications. Restaurants find the window's heavy-duty construction provides reliable performance, even with the demands of high usage.

The exclusive line of Convenience Window Systems from Power Door and Gyro Tech by NABCO Entrances Inc. brings the most reliable and durable product to the industry. By combining high quality and lowest life-cycle cost with ease of use and maintenance, we meet the tough demands for any drive-through and in-house service area environment, including fast food restaurants, lumber yards, home improvement stores, pharmacies, banks, guard stations, retail stores, and liquor stores. The automatic version uses a sophisticated microprocessor control by NABCO. The control and Handy Terminal programming tool provide expanded operational control parameters, such as opening/closing speeds and hold-open time, plus valuable maintenance data, including cycle count and error codes. It offers over 24 operational functions with more than 112 different options via the Handy Terminal. The microprocessor control provides a history report of service calls, operational cycles, recycles, and self-diagnostic information.


  • Bi-parting or single-slide configurations in either automatic or manual operation
  • Available in multiple finishes
  • Low-voltage motor is quiet, safe, and uses less energy
  • Automatic windows maintain constant speed control
  • Interior-mounted push switch on jamb, and thumb-turn lock on door
  • Convenient “hold-close” option
  • Adjustable opening and closing speeds, time delay, soft start, back check and latch check
  • Four settings for recycle sensitivity
  • No window position switches means reduced maintenance
  • Easy interface with remote monitoring and security equipment
  • Seven controller diagnostic LEDs for easy troubleshooting
  • Microfiber-reinforced belt drive tested to operate quietly in extreme temperatures for millions of cycles
  • Sealed bearing and urethane-covered rollers for extremely quiet, reliable operation
  • Heavy-duty, anodized aluminum roller track for smooth operation
  • Rocker switch for power “on” or “off”
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